Why on EARTH Am I a Publisher?

Why on Earth Did I Start a Publishing Company?


I’ve always loved books and reading. For as far back as I can remember. Even as a kid, I would go so far as to read the back of shampoo bottles in the shower, just to be reading. How it took me so long to realize this should be incorporated into my career life, I’ll never know.

A few years back, I worked for a vanity press publisher. I learned a LOT working for that company, but the most important takeaway for me was learning what was missing.

You see, … Read More

Making Reading Fun Again!

It’s happened – Summer has come to an end and the kiddos are back in school. For some, this is a blessing; for others, it’s bittersweet. The house is quiet and clean(er). Routines are back in place. And our kids are back to learning.

Over summer, there were reading programs through the library, and even some schools. But, for a lot of families, reading takes a back burner during the summer in lieu of pool parties, trips to the beach and let’s be honest – just lazing around the house.

Now, however, it’s time to get back into the practice … Read More

Putting Pen to Paper

It’s quite rare that someone hand-writes a book these days. Typing is so much faster, and much more efficient – why on earth would you pick up a pencil and a notebook?

You wouldn’t. Not to write an entire book, anyway. However, there ARE still times that good ol’ fashioned hand-writing can come in handy!

  1. Writer’s Block
  2. Noting Ideas/Thoughts

First, writer’s block. Having a notebook handy can really help to overcome writer’s block. Choose one with a cover that brings you joy. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or leather, or… you get the idea. Use this notebook to free … Read More

Is It Taking Too Long?

You have a wonderful idea for a book. You know you want to write it. You know you CAN write it.

So, what’s the problem?

Time. Where are you going to find the time to write? Do you really want to commit to a year or more – just on the writing process? You go through these questions, and decide – once again – that now just isn’t the right time. You’ll get to it when work isn’t as busy. Or when the kids are finished with the sport season. Or after the holidays.

What if I told you there … Read More

Your book is NOT for Everyone

In working with authors, I often ask the question: Who are you writing your book for? The answer is invariably “everyone”. At this point, I make myself take a deep breath, and think of the most kind way to respond without rudely blurting out “YOU’RE WRONG!”.

You may be wondering why this is such a hot topic for me. I mean, sure, “everyone” may enjoy reading what you have written. But, more than likely, that will not be the case. Your style, your topic, your genre, your purpose – plus many other factors – all help to narrow down exactly … Read More

2 Glad to Be Back!

So, it’s been a bit since I last visited your inbox. I’ve certainly missed you! The reason is no excuse, really, but I’ve been very busy making things even better for you.

I will keep this post short at sweet. Here are a few things to check out:

My Facebook group, From Brainstorming to Book Sales, is growing and full of helpful FREE content and motivation to keep you writing and selling your books. I invite you to join by following this link: From Brainstorming to Book Sales.

On September 24th, I am co-hosting an Author Workshop with best-selling … Read More

How to Sell Your Book…Locally!

Ok, so by now you should have narrowed down your niche. If not, then take a look at some of my previous articles to get that taken care of. Keep in mind – YOU probably think that anyone and everyone will like your book, but the fact of the matter, is there is going to be a specific group (niche) of people who will LOVE your book.

Marketing can be expensive and time-consuming. Knowing that, would you rather spend your time and money on “everyone” and hope you connect with some that will buy your book? Or, would you rather … Read More

Share and Share Alike!

Sharing and giving can be the easiest way to grow! When it comes to increasing your book sales, you can absolutely leverage the idea of sharing. We have already discussed following other bloggers and authors and liking their fan pages. Now, we can take it one step further!

Guest blogging and sharing posts are excellent ways to promote content and help each other along the way. As you begin following other authors, you will naturally find the ones who you connect with on a more personal level, and who you find yourself wanting to help. The same can be said … Read More

5 Tips for Successful Interviews

In a previous article, I discussed connecting with bloggers and authors through their blogs and fan pages. Connecting is great and can lead to wonderful opportunities! Now, we will talk about leveraging those relationships and getting interviews. For those not inclined to be on radio or TV, written interviews work, too! Especially with local newspaper, magazines and even bloggers.

Interviews allow you to talk about your book, your topic, your niche, as well as yourself. Of course, none of that will work out real well for you if you interview with the wrong person, come in unprepared, or do zero … Read More

6 Benefits of Connecting

A scarcity mentality is probably one of the best ways to ensure failure.

That sounds pretty glum, but it’s also very true. So many people, authors included, tend to hold their ideas close so as to hopefully edge out the competition. In fact, the opposite couldn’t be more true! Connecting with others who are in your field, can help you to grow exponentially! I promise, that even if you are absolutely brand new to being an author, you have something to offer even the most experienced. Whether it’s an idea, feedback, lessons you have learned – there is something in … Read More

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